Excel or Calc (OpenOffice.org) - a tool in communication

If you have a videoprojector, a wireless mouse, and Microsoft Excel or Calc from OpenOffice.org - you have it. Almost!
Watch our first video and we guarantee you will get a quite different impression of the spreadsheet. A fantastic tool when training the 6/7 yeras old in words, expression and understanding of basic MATHEMATICS. The spreadsheet operates the same way either if you have MS Office or OpenOffice.org.

It's so easy - when you know HOW. We will teach you. FOR FREE. If you take the time.

Forget about all the tools under the tools menue bar. We show you the ones you need. And Douglas and Haldor (MS Excel) take you through what we mean is a good, basic understanding of how you as a teacher or a parent can benefit when using our methode. Haldor deals with Calc from OpenOffice.org.

From video 2 we show you how you step by step let the pupils / students get introdused to the spredsheet. And how 2 and 2 young ones can be each others teachers, in a controlled and instructive session. If you don't believe us, see for yourself.

We are proud about having developed this methode, and we are happy to share it
with you!

Have a nice learning experience, with Douglas and Haldor.


OpenOffice.org Calc / Microsoft Excel 2007

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