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.......if we just have had the chanse to learn it! How to use the computer, with it's effective, stimulating and structuring tools for our children in various learning situations, from the age of 6 and for the rest of their lives. As a tool in learning!

ICT Publish is a Norwegian digital publishing company, based in Stavanger. We have over years experienced how to use various computer software in the classroom, in all subjects. During the last year we have developed new ways of using well established programs like Word, Excel and photo editing software and routines for the classroom to secure that the pupils really are in the active learning mode when sitting in front of the computer - not in the "interactive" mode - only using their eyes, the right hand and the indexfinger.

We have developed a completely new way in how to use spreadsheets in either Excel or in OpenOffice.org Calc - in the classroom, both teachers and pupils, from 1st to 4th grade. FOR FREE, obviously.

WELCOME and Good Luck.
Yours Sincerely
Haldor Lønningdal, editor and producer, ICT Publish, Norway

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Many ways to use
a computer.
Mail, film, work,
banking services,
check the news ....
And we all have
our own favourites.

Here is how I use mine.

MediaPLayer (PC)

QiuckTime (Mac)

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