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Learning by doing!

When teaching we need eye contact, engagement and time to assist. When you are using our videoes, unfortunately, all this is not possible for us. You are there, we are not. Or? We just hope we are working slowly enought through the instructions, focused on what we mean are the most importent issues and tools for you to learn when learning the actual program.
Our videoes are not entertainment. It's for teaching - showing and explaining, and we also like to believe that we have importent information that links several elements together.
When using our videoes:

  • You can hit "pause" and see a section of the video again, and at the same time have the program showing in the video opened on your own computer, and do what you see we do yourself.
  • Have pen and paper ready, and write down what you meen is important,
    a question, or a bright idea you suddenly get for your own teaching.

Learning is fun - when you feel you understand. It's even moore fun when you can start to share your new knowledge. And see that your students succeeds, and learn moore, because you have given them a new set of tools that opens up new horizons - of understanding.

Hope you get inspired.


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